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I rented a storage bend that was delivered to my home, and I paid a monthly storage fee; I did this because I was rearranging to relocate. One day I came home and the bend was removed from my back side yard.

I called the company and they said that my irate neighbor complained so they moved the bend.

Therefore my plans had to change because I was temporarily moving my things; now I have a storage bend in another city and I have to make an appointment at their convenient time before I can enter the unit. In other words, my delivered home storage bend was a great way to store my things until I relocated, but the PackRat company made that an unpleasant way to store my things; I had to pay someone to go the PackRat to take some of my things out each time and pay someone to empty the bend along with the extra months that it took for me to get my belonging out of the storage bend.

Product or Service Mentioned: 1800 Pack Rat Storage Unit.

Monetary Loss: $700.

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Glen Allen, Virginia, United States #579513

Pack rats auctioned my entire life. After they took our household in 6 pods and we moved & asked for delivery, they told us they only "thought" they had a facility here and could deliver to us but they really don't.

They wanted $1008.00 per pod to deliver. We rented a large house to hold all our stuff. We started paying storage to them + rent on an empty house. We struggled to pay them each month&fell behind when was out of work for two months.I was in constant contact with them about this.They sent auction notice to old address(they had the new one here)and we received it just days before.

WE could not get a call back from anyone after leaving 6 to 8 messages daily trying to make arrangements. They would not even talk to me when I showed up to try to save my stuff.

Personal clothing,makep,jewelry,personal &business documents,passport, ss cards,antiques,...I am destroyed and i will never let then get away with this..

to Bond_JaneBond Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania, United States #671754

sounds like they already did get away with it?

to Bond_JaneBond #828773

So you had bills due, didn't pay the bills, and you wound up losing your stuff? The story stinks of bologna as a simple call to their head office or customer service director would have sorted out the delivery issue.

The quotes clearly state pickup and drop-off locations. I always love how people who don't pay their bills complain about all the problems they have with getting services cut-off or discontinued. All you had to do was show your reservation and quote for delivery to whatever fictitious place you said they promised to deliver to. Sounds more like you had your stuff packed up and stored and then after you moved you couldn't afford to have the containers shipped and delivered which is always an extra cost.

Unless you actually had it all in the original quote and then it would show the delivery address and all costs which I'm sure you never had since all you paid for initially was the storage. Or perhaps you only paid the initial portion to have them picked up and then nothing else which is why they were auctioned off for non-payment. It takes several months to process the legal paperwork to be able to auction stored property.

Typically 6 months or longer. Nice try.

to LieDetector #1045818

Sorry you lost your your bills next time. Period, You only delayed the inevitable, and now you are blaming packrat, when you should be blaming yourself.


Glad you got your belongings,finally. After they took my entire household and stored it, they told us that they only thought they had a facility where we moved, but they really don't and they wanted $1008.00 per unit to get them to us, we had 6.So had to pay rent on them for months and months.My husband was out of work for two months an we got two months behind.He talked to them the whole time to make arrangements to pay them, they auctioned our entire life and would not answer the phone or call back for the entire week before so we could make arrangments to pay.

We are senior citizens and they took everything we own, even our clothing.My passport, business papers, etc. I feel like my whole life was just snuffed out.

to Bond_JaneBond Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania, United States #671749

this company sounds like my exwife. just snuff all your things right out from under you.sorry about that.i learned the hard way wife stol everything i i dont trust anyone,let alone some packrat company...

put all your things in a box,hand them over and hope they are all their when you get it back... sounds like a very easy way to steal and to hold folks hostage for ransom.

to GRIEF Easton, Maryland, United States #696490

That is exactly what they did. At least you can put a face to your thief ;) The only image I have is of a big ugly pack of rats!

to Bond_JaneBond #1134928

Why would you put important documents like a passport, business papers etc.. in a moving pod??????

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