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We chose pack rats to move our stuff from California to Tennessee. We chose then because they claimed to be the cheapest and fastest option compared to quotes from Pods and other such moving companies.

They delivered them fairly promptly and we had to purchase brand new locks for them that were ours to put on and protect our stuff.

We loaded up our units and had them ready to go on pick up day and they came to get them and then said one of them was too heavy so we would have to get another unit or move stuff from one to another. We had 3 units and they said they had already loaded the lightest one on their truck so they won't leave that one and we would have to figure it out with the other 2. We of course had no way of knowing how much every box and everything weighs so we took pretty much everything out of both, got rid of any bigger heavier items like our fridge and freezer which was half of the reason we wanted to have our stuff moved, so we could like keep our stuff, and mixed them evenly between the 2. At this point, it was just a few days before escrow closed on our house since we obviously had them picked up right before we moved so we'd you know, have beds to sleep in as long as possible.

I had to spend hours, literally, on the phone to get them to pick them up again before escrow closed on my house. After they finally picked them up, they were supposed to take them straight to their Nashville location and I was to call them with an address as soon as we got to Tennessee to schedule them to be delivered. They said it would take 3-5 or so business days for them to be delivered after scheduled.

We got to TN and I called them with an address and they said that they hadn't even shipped the units to TN and it would take about 5 weeks before they could schedule for them to be shipped here and delivered. After spending about 5 literal hours on the phone on hold and being transferred around, I finally talked to someone who said they could have them delivered in 14 business days, so about 3 weeks.

We were in a completely empty house with nothing at all for 3 weeks with 4 children under the age of 5. We had to spend thousands of dollars buying things to get by when we already spent $12,000 for them to send our stuff.

Fast forward to the actual delivery, when they arrived, they gave us a new set of keys, saying in California for some unknown reason they had to cut off one of the locks and get into one of our supposedly private units and they couldn't tell us why they were in our stuff. Then, even though they claim they keep the units flat when loading and unloading, and we tightly tied everything down, they had shaked them up so much that most of the tie down straps were broken or came off and most of our stuff was broken. After spending over $12,000, a huge chunk of our stuff went in the trash.

Finally, the price we had originally agreed on was $9,000 for 3 units.

After all was said and done and they added extra fees and this and that, we ended up paying about $12,500 total for the privilege of having all of our broken stuff nearly a month after arriving at our destination.

We could have bought everything we own all over again for the cost and it would have been much less hassle and we wouldn'thave had to sleep on the floor for a month. I would definitely never recommend Pack Rats.

User's recommendation: Go with someone else or throw your stuff away and get new for cheaper.

Monetary Loss: $6000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

1800 Pack Rat Pros: You have your own stuff.

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