I did not rent one but viewed this driver going at least 59 down my residential street with his huge truck. Waved to get him to slow down but I guess he wouldn’t until he killed someone.

This was in Cary NC on March 1st on Helmsdale Drive at 3:15 pm.

Tried to call Customer Service to report but they don’t give you an option to talk to a human. Nice!

Product or Service Mentioned: 1800 Pack Rat Vehicle Driver.

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Mistyped. Meant to say the was driving at least 45, not 59 down my street.

Sorry for the typo. Still ticked off as this is a residential area.

Nobody should be going that fast, especially a large truck that couldn’t stop to avoid killing someone Shameful! This died not day much for the company if they hire people of this caliber.

to spike #1514559

I'm sure you and you neighbors have driven well over the posted speed limits in your or other neighborhoods

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