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I had ordered a pod 2 months ago, due to my 21 yo son passing away. He had his own apartment & we needed to get his belongings out.

I was waiting to get a call saying they were dropping it off, I never did. I was told I had to sign papers, i never did. When the pod arrived at my home, the driver was sweet & courteous & handed me a folde- I didn't look at it immediately because of grief of losing my son & having to go through his things. I extend the rental a month- They overcharge me, I call & complain.

The woman that helped me was amazing!! Fast forward 2 weeks, end up in the hospital having my 11th back surgery- (10.5 hrs worth mind you.)- 4 days later while still in the hospital, I go into cardiac arrest & die... YES MY HEART STOPPED, I FLATLINED. By the grace of God & the dr's immediate response I was brought back.

4 days after that, I have a pacemaker implanted emergently. And I'm not old either, I was diagnosed with a 3rd degree, 100% blockage of both bottom chambers of my heart. A rep named Rick or Rich calls about the pickup, both my daughter & I explain the situation and ask him what it would cost to extend it a week because we still had a few big pieces we needed to get out. But due to the unforeseen circumstances, we couldn't get it out because I was in an intensive care unit recovering & wondering WTF happened to me.

Rick or Rich states- verbatim "No worries ma'am, I will extend it at NO CHARGE, DON'T WORRY!!". I couldn't thank him enough for his kindness & understanding. And told him whn you put good out in this world, it comes back to you tenfold. Imagine my utter shock when I see 3 days after our conversation, I have a charge for almost double what I paid initially.

I contacted my back, had charge reversed & closed my card. Rich/Rick did not want to discuss or rectify the situation. And upon looking at my packrat folder I see a contract signed by a Manny or Manuel something that I have no idea who he is. It's not my name or signature.

I will fight viligaintly to make this man/rep stick to what he told us. That there would be ZERO CHARGES!!

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Sorry for the loss of your son and your bad heart.But please don't encompass all the drivers as "Horrible, lying, thieves. "And I'm sure the driver had nothing to do with the passing of your son.And you can't even blame the driver for your heart health, it sounds like that's been bad for along time

to Anonymous #1514595

If you had read my comment correctly, I said my driver was sweet and courteous. It's their customer service experience that sucked.

to Anonymous #1609781

You don't know how to comprehend?

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