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In February 2016, I was moving out of my apartment. I called 1-800 PackRat, because they had a storage facility close to the apartment and their rates and availability beat Upon making the online reservation, I received a call from a customer service agent, confirming my reservation and then telling me a "gas fee" which would be an additional charge. I immediately grimaced, but, seeing as I was on borrowed time to move out of my apartment, I agreed to paying the additional money.

Pack Rat showed up on time and moved me on time!


Now, it turns...

On September 26, I call Pack Rat directly (because you can't make drop off reservations on their website) and told them that I would like my pod dropped off on October 22nd. The customer service agent confirmed my request, and emailed me the invoice for the last charges (they charge you for bring the pod and picking it up). Upon reviewing the invoice, I was stunned. The cost of drop off and pick up was more than what I pay in storage a month! When I called to inquire as to the bill, I was told that they charge for mileage. WHAT?!?! You're facility is WALKING DISTANCE, why would I pay this much for mileage? When I asked her that, she placed me on a brief hold. She got back on the line apologizing. My pod, that once was local, had moved OUT OF STATE, because the local facility had closed!


I asked her if there were any correspondence sent to me explaining this. She told me no. She did say that she adjusted the invoices to reflect local travel. I mentioned to her that I need the pod at my residence between 8 am - noon. She tells me "no problem".

Last Saturday was moving day, and NO pod at the time discussed. When I called PackRat, I was then informed that the pod will get to me between the hours of 10:15-2:15. You gotta be kidding me? I didn't ask for that! Trying to muster some composure, I call back to then speak to a rude customer service agent, who informs me that "They are an anytime delivery service with regards to the pods and that the customer service agent who gave me a time, shouldn't have"

He then asked for a name so that he can go back "review our conversations". I gave him a name and hung up! I called AGAIN (around 1:30 pm --still no pod) and was told that I had to let my moving staff go, but was charged for their services. The agent, this time, asked for invoices to be sent of me spending the money on moving and they will see about compensation.

The pod did not arrive until 4:00 pm!!! The whole day wasted!! I then had to re-hire movers to help me unload, spending WAY above my moving budget!

Never, EVER use this company! I've learned a painful lesson

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